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Independent Kneepads Flip-Up for Easier Transfers into EasyStand

EasyStand 5000 Independent KneepadsAltimate Medical Inc. (AMI) has added Flip-Up Independent Kneepads to the EasyStand 5000 standing system. The Flip-Up feature will allow the individual using the stander to transfer into it easier and safer. The Flip-Up Kneepads are designed for individuals who may have knee contractures, leg length discrepancies, or require more adjustment in their kneepad. The Independent Kneepads can be adjusted individually in height and depth.

The EasyStand 5000 is a modular standing frame, allowing options like the Flip-Up Independent Kneepads to be added at anytime.

For more information, please contact Altimate Medical Inc. at 1-800-342-8968.

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