Zing MPS and MPS TT

The Zing Difference

Zing standers provide premium features, support and comfort for children who are unable to stand unsupported. Regardless of diagnosis, whether its muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, spina bifida or others, a Zing standing frame can be configured with robust support wherever it is needed. Growth was a driving force behind the design of the Zing MPS and MPS TT. Zing size 1 standers, in general, will fit most children from near infancy up to age 5. After age five, the Zing size 2 can fit kids from 40″ to 60″ while still providing all of the same features. These standers are not just top of the line because of support and comfort options, the entire Zing line features anatomically correct, independent leg abduction and are the only multi-position standers to perform true supine to prone in one motion.

Features on both Zing MPS and MPS TT:
– Supine to Prone in one motion – no transfers or reversing supports required to change position
– 30 degrees of independent leg abduction
– The natural hip pivot point and ideal leg support geometry for the best abducted standing
– Multi-position knee and posterior knee support options
– Swing-away tray eases transfers and enables additional activity
– Comfortable transfer height of ~31″
– Padded upper-body strapping options
– Various upper and lower body support and positioning options

Then why a Zing MPS and MPS TT?

Zing MPS

The Zing MPS (MPS = Multi-position stander) is better suited for children with more complex support and positioning needs, including asymmetry, tightness, contractures and low tone. With its separate upper body and pelvic support pads, along with independent and adjustable support and positioning components, the MPS can be configured to provide support in the exact way the child needs it. The independent support and positioning options provide the most customized level of support. From a positioning standpoint, both the MPS and MPS TT and multi-position standers, meaning positioning from flat-to-load supine (lying), vertical and prone standing, are all possible. Even more impressive, though, is the unique way Zing MPS standers can go from supine to prone in one motion. The ability to seamlessly transition between all three positions (or anywhere in between) without having to transfer a child in and out of the stander (either from their back to the stomach or vice versa), flip trays, pads and footplates is not possible in any other multi-position stander!

Learn more – visit the Zing MPS product page.


The MPS TT (Multi-position, tilt-table style stander) is functionally identical to the MPS in terms of positioning capability, optional leg abduction, and swing-away tray. The TT is different in a few key ways and potentially caters to children with slightly different positioning needs compared to the MPS. The MPS TT has a single, more extended and broader upper-body/hip support pad. The single upper-body pad, optional planar, padded lower-leg pads and padded strapping options can provide a configuration that is simpler to secure the child after a transfer and reduces the number of adjustments. When configured with four padded-straps, the MPS TT can provide a simpler and faster way to secure the child and reduces the amount of adjustments prior to standing. This can be an essential feature in multi-user facilities, schools or in-home rehab environments. That said, independent support and positioning components can be added in specific areas when more robust support is required. It truly is one of the most versatile standing platforms available.

Learn more – visit the Zing MPS TT product page.

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