Zing Portable


The new Zing Portable stander is a leap forward in product design. This new early intervention stander is the first “right-sized” product for standing children as young as possible (fits children from infancy to 36″ and up to 36 pounds). Typically developing children will usually begin the processes of learning to stand between 9-13 months. The Zing Portable is designed to fit this age group better than any other product available, but that is just one of a long list of features that creates a new standard of care.




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• 3 foldable legs, a carrying handle, and weight of under 20 pounds, makes moving the stander from one room to another a breeze

• Great for home, multi-user facility or school

• With a small footprint when folded, traveling with your Zing stander is now possible and when a standing session is completed, the Zing Portable can be packed away without taking up much space


• Fits children from infancy to 36″ (91cm), and up to 36 lbs. (16kg)

• No minimum height or weight requirements which makes starting a standing program as young as possible a reality

• Comfortable transfer height of 26″ (66cm) with near flat loading makes transfers more manageable as children grow


• Pivot points are in line with the hips, promoting proper alignment in the hips, knees and feet.

• Feet maintain the angle with the rest of the legs – no wedges needed and no additional adjustment to the knees or foot plates.

• Up to 15 degrees of abduction per leg – accomplished through a single knob.

• Promotes musculoskeletal development for children during critical growth years.

• Abduction can be adjusted and used throughout the entire positioning range


• Built in straps on the support pads

• Tool-free adjustment of all components

• Every adjustment can be made with a simple turn of a knob


• The Supine upper features a multi-use tray that swings away either direction

• Tray can remain attached during transfers

• More activities are possible by swinging tray away during standing therapy, or loosen both sides and remove altogether


1 – Carrying Handle

2 – Secure Locking Mechanism

3 – Foldable Legs

4 – Multi-Adjustable Foot Plates

5 – Multi-Adjustable Knee Pads

6 – 15° Leg Abduction on Each Leg

7 – Building In Support Straps

8 – Multi-Adjustable Swing-Away Tray

9 – Head Support

10 – Easily Switch To Prone or Supine

11 – Near Flat Transfers

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Height RangeUp to 36″ (91cm)
Weight LimitUp to 36 lbs. (16.3kg)
Weight of basic unit (without tray or mast top)14 lbs. (6.4kg)
Weight of Supine Mast Top w/tray and headrest5.5 lbs. (2.5kg)
Weight of Prone Mast Top w/tray2 lbs. (1 kg)
Tripod Frame Footprint, approximately39″W x 32″L (91x81cm)
Transfer Height (Horizontal at hip pivot)26″ (66cm)
Leg Abduction0 to 15°
Foot Plate Size6″x2.75″ (15x6cm)
Foot Height Range (Center of Pelvic Support to Footplate)8.5″-17.5″ (22-44cm)
Kneepad Inside Height, Width is variable (form-to-fit)4″ (10cm)
Kneepads Lateral Adjustment, per side1.25″ (3cm)
Kneepads Height Range, (Center of pelvic pad to center of knee)4.5″-13.5″ (11-34cm)
Foot straps– length over arch w/min 1″ Velcro overlap8.5″ (21cm)
Tray Size Molded7.5″x 12.5″ w/3″Elbow Extensions
(19 x 32 cm w/8cm Elbow Extensions)
Pelvic, Upper Body, and Head Support Pad Sizes3.5″x8″ (9x20cm)

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