The Zing Advantage


True Multi-Position Standing

• The MPS and MPS TT allow supine, vertical and prone positioning without flipping footplates or pads, moving the tray or transferring the child out of the stander.
• Supine to Prone in one motion allows the stander to accommodate a child’s needs while providing all of the benefits of standing.
• Therapeutic opportunities not possible with other multi-position standers – use prone for head control and when fatigue sets in, simply move to a slight supine position to rest but remain in the standing position.
• Frame will only go supine and upright with Prone Position Lockout engaged and can be equipped with the gas spring lift lockout to stop inadvertent position changes.

Leg Abduction with Annotomically
Correct Hip Pivot

• Pivot points are in line with the hips, promoting proper alignment in the hips, knees and feet.
• Feet maintain the angle with the rest of the legs – no wedges needed and no additional adjustment to the knees or footplates required.
• Up to 30 degrees of abduction per leg – accomplished through a single knob.
• Promotes musculoskeletal development for children during critical growth years.
• Industry-leading abduction can be adjusted and used throughout the entire positioning range.

Remarkably Modular

• Can be configured as a simple stander or fit a child with the most complex needs.
• Designed to grow with the child – options can be added as needed.
• Great for a multi-user facility or school.

Multi-Use Tray

• The MPS, Supine, MPS TT and Supine TT feature a multi-use tray that is angle-adjustable and swings away either direction.
• Tray can remain attached during transfers.
• More activities are possible by swinging the tray away during standing therapy.

Unique Lift Mechanisms

• Dual controls are available allowing angle adjustment by a foot pedal or hand control.
• Gas Spring Lockout prevents an inadvertent change of position, especially important when around other children.
• The Pow’r Up Lift option on Size 2 brings the user to the standing position with the touch of a button.

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