PNG30322 Non-Stretch X-Style Chest Vest-14.5″Lx10.5″W

Product Description

The non-stretch x-style chest vest is a perfect addition to a Zing product for users who use the prone forward feature. The non-stretch option provides more stability by not allowing the user to extend forward in the standing frame allowing for more rehab time in the advantageous prone position. The non-stretch x-style chest vest also provides anterior trunk support in all positions as the Zing MPS and MPS TT can go from prone to upright to supine in one motion. With the quick-release buckle, the user in the supine position can be transferred from the unit without hassle. With the breathable mesh back accompanied by padding in the vest, the non-stretch x-style chest vest is a comfortable option for the user. Size is 14.5″Lx10.5″W.