PA5520 Zing MPS TT Size 1

Fits Individuals Up to 44″ Tall
Weight Limit: Up to 70 lbs.

The Zing MPS TT (tilt-table style stander) and Zing MPS are capable of supine to prone in one motion, up to 30 degrees of independent leg abduction, and have an available swing-away tray. The MPS TT or tilt-table style features a longer, wider upper body support pad and has the option for padded strapping, rather than individual support and positioning components. That said, with the MPS TT, if more support is needed in specific areas, the same support and positioning components that are available on the MPS can be added to the MPS TT, where needed. The Zing MPS TT is also available in Size 2.

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Product Description

E0641: Standing frame/table system, multi-position (e.g. three-way stander), any size including pediatric, with or without wheels

The Zing MPS TT Size 1 provides a new therapeutic opportunity to stand in supine, upright and prone without having to transfer the child in and out of the stander to switch between supine or prone standing. No need to flip pads, foot plates and trays to change positions. Tool-free adjustments and/or removal of support and positioning components adds to the ease of use. The TT versions, or tilt-table style standers, feature a longer, wider single pad that provides both pelvic and back support. It also has available padded strapping for those who do not require maximum positioning support, but individual support and positioning components can be added wherever additional support is needed.

30 degrees of independent leg abduction (60 degrees bilaterally)
A simple knob allows the entire leg to abduct up to 30 degrees, no need to re-adjust the foot plates or knee pads.

Unique Lift Mechanisms
The base unit is equipped with a prone position lockout to prevent inadvertently going past vertical. A gas spring lift lockout is available to prevent any inadvertent position changes which can be useful if other children are present during standing sessions. The Dual Control enables position changes by foot pedal or hand control.

Swing-away Tray
Multi-adjustable tray can swing either direction while remaining attached to the unit or it can be removed completely. This tray, when swung away but attached on one side of the stander, is close and well within reach once a transfer has been completed. The transfer height of the Zing MPS TT size 1 is a comfortable 32″ from the floor surface.

Remarkably Modular
With over 70 support and positioning components/accessories, it can be configured as a simple stander or fit a child with more complex needs. The support and positioning components available (independent and multi-adjustable foot plates, knee pads, calf pads and floating hip guides) make the Zing MPS TT one of the few multi-position standers that can accommodate contractures on one or both sides.

Frame Color


Lift Mechanisms


Foot Plates

Foot Support Accessories

Leg Supports

Leg Support Accessories

Knee Support

Knee Support Accessories

Pelvic/Upper Body Support

Pelvic/Upper Body Support Accessories

Pelvic Support Accessories

Upper Body Support Accessories

Head Support

Head Support Accessories


Tray Accessories

Other Accessories

Hygienic Cover Patterns

Basic Unit Imperial Metric
Height Range up to 44” up to 112 cm
Weight Limit 70 lbs. 32 kg
Transfer Height( Horizontal Position ) 32” 81 cm
Center of Pelvic Support to Footplate Range, may invert footplates as necessary 7″ – 22” 18 cm- 56 cm                   
Upper Body Support Height Range 4”   10 cm
Kneepad Depth Range 5” 13 cm
Kneepad Inside Width 2.5”, 3.25”, 4.25″, 5″ 6cm, 8cm, 11cm, 13cm
Kneepad Dimensions  
2.5 3.5”x4” 9 x 10 cm
3.25 4”x4” 10 x 10 cm
4.25 4.5”x5” 11 x 13 cm
5.00 5”x6” 13 x 15 cm
Multi-Adjustable Knee pads Width Range, Center-to-center    
2.5 4”- 9” 10 – 23 cm
3.25 4.5”- 9” 11 – 23 cm
4.25 5” – 8” 13 – 20 cm
5.00 6” – 7” 15 – 18 cm
Multi-Adjustable Knee pads Height Range +/- 0.75” 2 cm
Weight of basic unit 55 lbs. 25 kg
Frame footprint, Caster-to-caster 20” x 28” 51 x 71cm
Maximum Dimensions 21.5 x 29.5 55 x 75cm
Upholstery Black nylon/Neoprene or Molded Urethane
Hygienic Covers Polyurethane Laminate ECO-PUL
Frame color Green, Purple, Orange, or White  
Casters and Wheels 3’’ diameter 8cm diameter
Lifting mechanisms Available Gas Spring  
Lift Options Dual Control (hand lever) Lockout Knob  
Options and Accessories    
Supine positioning/ Prone-Forward positioning. Supine, MPS, TT Supine 0-90 degrees/ Prone 0-20 degrees
Positioning, Prone Model 90 (vertical) to 0 (horizontal)
Positioning, Vertical Model 90 (vertical) only.  Fixed position.
Leg Abduction 30 degrees per side  
Foot straps extra small – length over arch 8” 20 cm
  10” 25 cm
Secure Foot straps – length over arch Available in same lengths as regular foot straps
Footplate Options LxW 6.00” L x 3.00” W 15 cm L x 8 cm W
  7.75” L x 3.25” W 20 cm L x 9 cm W
  9.75” L x 4” W 25 cm L x 11 cm W
Footplate, platform style 8”L x 12.00” W     20 cm L x 30 cm W
Multi-Adjustable footplates – Plantar/Dorsi +/- 20 degrees +/- 20 degrees
Multi-Adjustable footplates – Fore/Aft +/- 0.75”   +/- 2 cm
Multi-Adjustable footplates rotation 30 degrees left/right 30 degrees
Single Calf Pad/Leg Rest 4” x 13.5” 10 x 34 cm
Single Calf Pad Strap, Fits circumference 24” 61 cm
Calf (Behind knee) Pad Option,Extra Small Pad Size, Small Pad Size, Fore/Aft Adjustment from seat plane 3.5 x 3.5 inches, 4.5 x 4.5 inches, -1 to +4 inches 9 x 9 cm 11.5 x 11.5 cm -2.5 to +10 cm
Independent Planar Leg (Calf) Support Tilt Table (TT) Pads – 3 sizes 4” x 6”, 6” x 6”, 8” x 6” 10 x 15 cm 15 x 15 cm 20 x 15 cm
Independent Planar Leg (Calf) Support Tilt Table (TT) Pad Strap – Fits circumference: Up to 15” 38 cm
Table Mount and Tray Options/Specs Posterior Support Models (Supine, MPS, TT)
Shadow Tray size – Molded/Acrylic 11”x19” 28 cm x 48 cm
Shadow Tray height range 3” 8 cm
Shadow Tray Fore/Aft range (from posterior pad to chest pad) 0” – 10” 0–25 cm
Swing-Away Tray size – Molded/Acrylic 11”x19” 28 cm x 48 cm
Swing Away Tray Height Range 3” 8 cm
Swing-Away Tray Fore/Aft Range (from posterior pad to chest pad) 4”- 9” 10 to 23 cm
Swing-Away Tray Angle Adjust Range +40 degree inclines to -90 degrees (parallel to user when standing or in supine mode)  
Upholstery/Positioning Options/Specs    
Hip support pad size 3.5”H x 3.5”W 9cm x 9cm
Hip supports width range 6” – 10” 15-25 cm
Lateral support pad size 3.5”H x 3.5”W 9cm x 9cm
Lateral supports width range – 2 sizes 4” to 8”
7” – 11”
10 to 20
18-28 cm
Lateral supports height range 3.5” 9 cm
Lateral supports Fore/Aft Range 1” 3 cm
Pelvic Support Planar (2 sizes) All Configurations 5×7” 5×9” 13cm x 18cm
13cm x 23cm
Pelvic Support, Form-to-Fit (2 sizes) Posterior support (Supine, MPS, TT) 5″x7”, 5″x9”   13cm x 18cm
13cm x 23cm
Pelvic Support Form-to-Fit (2 sizes) Anterior Support (Prone and Vertical)   5″x10”, 5″x12” 13cm x 25cm 13cm x 30cm
Upper Body Support Planar 5″x5” (Anterior only), 5”x7”, 5”x9”, 7″x7”, 7″x9” 13cm x 13cm 13cm x 18cm 13cm x 23cm 18 x 18 cm 18 x 23 cm
Upper Body Support Form-to-Fit 5”H x 10”W, 5”H x 12”W, 7”H x 10”W, 7”H x 12”W 13cm x 25cm 13cm x 30cm 18cm x 25cm 18cm x 30cm
Upper Body/Pelvic Tilt Table (TT) Pads – 3 sizes 14”L x 14”W 16”L x 14”W 18”L x 14”W 36 x 36 cm 41 x 36 cm 46 x 36 cm
Chest Pad 3”Hx8”W 8cm x 20cm
Chest Strap (pad size) 5″Hx8”W 13 x 20 cm
Chest Strap (approximate user circumference) Up to approx. 24” Up to approx. 61 cm
Chest vest – X-Style 9.5”Lx9”W 24 x 23 cm
Chest vest – X-Style 11”Lx9.5”W 28 x 24 cm
Posterior Head Supports (Supine, MPS, TT)    
Head support height range. (From top of upper body pad) 8” 20 cm
Head support depth range – from backrest -2.5” to +1.5” -6 to +4 cm
Head Support Size Extra-Small 5” H x 8” W Cushion 13 cm H x 20 cm W
Head Support Size Small 6” H x 10” W Cushion 15 cm H x 25 cm W
Flat Headrest 5” H x 7” W 13cm x 18cm
Form-to-Fit Head Support – Height, Width, variable up to approximately: 5”, 10” 13 cm 25 cm
TT Planar Head Support 8” H x 8.5” W 20 cm H  x 22
cm W
Anterior Head Supports (Prone, Vertical)    
Face Aperture 2 – 3 x 9” Pads 8cm x 23cm
Positioning belt – hip circumference Up to approx.. 24”  Up to approx.. 61 cm
Configurations Available:    
Supine Posterior Support Pads    
MPS (Multi-positional Stander, w/Prone Forward)
TT (Tilt Table, larger upholstery surfaces)
Prone Anterior Support Pads
Vertical (fixed position, no lift options available)


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